Commonplace & Miraculous

As Senator Blunt spoke the words, “commonplace and miraculous,” yesterday in his opening remarks for the presidential inauguration,  I was drawn to the birth of Christ and to His entire ministry and representations of God for us. I was reminded that we ought to be encouraged ( those of us who are commonplace who call on the name of Christ) for Jesus, time and time again, reaches from the commonplace and makes it miraculous. It made me consider how much striving for bigger and better and best we do creating much opportunity to leave the life we have and chase after something greener. Our inability to remain in a common place doing what feels like common things without image or success or notability can misdirect our hearts, turning us away from the life God has for us. How is this? The scriptures depict that it is our discontentment with what God is and has provided for us which causes us to turn away from His covenant and seek after other gods, other fulfillments. We decide that there has to be more than this common life. Nothing could be further from the truth. No image needed in this life, nor created on this earth needs be anything more than commonplace.

For Christ desires to use us right here in our  common humanity to do that miraculous thing, whatever it is. 

In Judges this morning, I am amazed again at his repeated compassions on Israel and the paradoxical relationship He shows-at times rescuing them and other times leaving them in their sinfulness all to bring His best for them. Though he rescues, they cast His love off like a jacket tossed on the floor. So, in His compassionate anger, He gives them what they deserve, (and oh how it is the worst thing ever-slavery to this world) yet this is His love meant to return them to His best and ultimately bring them back into perfect covenant relationship with Him.

So then, our testing allowed by the Father (refusing to rescue us because we have refused repentance) has in it the very love of Jesus Christ meant to bring us to personal repentance, recommitment of our allegiance and follow ship to God alone, &  draw us to remain forever in His covenant and love.(“walk in His ways as their fathers did”) Our truest freedom found in our contentment with Him and what He has for us in this life and for eternity.

May I be quick to repentance, so that He will demonstrate His compassions on me to save me from both the enemy and my wicked discontent. May we fear the Lord in every commonplace we find ourselves and allow Him to love us in this miraculous way. 

Judges 2:20-23

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