It is Well With My Song

There are unexpected tragedies in life; they catch us by surprise and in an instant bring with them a death blow, leaving us wrecked! Recently our family experienced such a trauma and found ourselves reeling in disbelief and grief that we are still carrying daily.   Through the series of unfortunate events, we kept listening to our preprogrammed Christian radio stations each day on the way to work/school hoping to glean a little strength to make it through the end of the semester! I was struck by the ever relentless messages of hope and redemption that left me believing that somehow a miracle would happen to overturn our circumstance, and we would wake up from the nightmare that had burned down our life and go back to how things used to be! Now that the days have passed and the miracle didn’t happen the way I had prayed, I am still in search of God’s view in our broken story.

As I reflected on all the contemporary music being played on the radio- I realized that the bible-based songs were a huge encouragement to me and my kids as we lived each day inside our newfound sorrow. There came to be a playlist of sorts that helped us believe God’s love for us was greater than our broken hearts and that if We kept our eyes on Him, It would someday be Well with our soul. I cannot sing that song yet; only lift my arms, bow my head and cry through it.

Though I am not quite where I hope to get on that, I am daily trying to commit my way to His sovereign plan for it all, but find that “If I am Honest”(Francesca Battistelli) when He won’t part the waters, I wish I could walk through,” (Lauren Daigle) and I end up trying to close the door ’cause I don’t live there anymore(Danny Gokee)-that most mornings I realize that though we were Broken Together (Casting Crowns), my husband chose another rather than do whatever it took For the Sake of the Call (Stephen Curtis Chapman) and after I called on all our Friends are Friends Forever if the Lord’s the Lord of them to no avail (Michael W.Smith), I drop my hands and say, Thy Will Be Done (Hillary Scott)and try hard to believe that I Am Not Alone( Kari Jobe) and pray that he will Make Me Brave (Bethel Music) for this new life He has for me and my kids, and that I will take each day and just Breathe (Johnny Diaz) and recognize that This is Amazing Grace(Phil Wickham) that is carrying us through the Eye of the Storm (Ryan Stevenson) and remember that we are all Weary Sinners(David Crowder) in need of a savior and no matter what mistakes we have made or have been made against us, we can Keep Walking ( Toby Mac)because we choose to trust that He is a Good,Good Father (Chris Tomlin) & because He Paid It All At The Cross, (Baptist Hymnal) We are Redeemed! (Big Daddy Weave)

And All the people said Amen ( Matt Maher) and How Great is our God( Chance the Rapper)-and one day not very far away, just maybe we will be able to sing along with Through it All, I kept my eyes on You, Oh Lord, and It is Well With My Soul. (Kristin DiMarco) Thank you Christian radio for being a conduit for helping us Turn Our Eyes Upon Jesus (Amy Grant) whose love is Fierce, chasing us down and seeking us out like a tidal wave crashing over us! (Jesus Culture; Chris Quilala)

P.S. I highly recommend this playlist!

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3 Thoughts to “It is Well With My Song”

  1. Vickie

    And in the meantime, Just Be Held (Casting Crowns).
    Love ya Sis !

  2. Rachael Rogers

    His promise to take our Brokenness Aside (All Sons and Daughters) and make us beautiful is, well, just beautiful. Praying this playlist over you and your family!

  3. Tammy, this is a beautiful piece of your heart shared here . While I know this is excruciatingly painful for you and your kids, these words spoken to you by God through music and His word are so tender and sweet. Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing through your tears. You are deeply loved.

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